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  • Underwater Inspection Services
    • To assist our client with monitoring the structural integrity throughout the life of fixed and floating structures, including mooring systems:
      • Preparation of inspection drawings, structural component numbering systems and inspection data sheets for individual components.
      • Creation of spreadsheet database for trend comparisions and speedy production of inspections reports
      • Comprehensive report on structural integrity
      • Upgrading of structural model managed by Enautix
      • 3D in-house solid modeling to support the inspection process and repair concept development.
      • Processing of video and still photographs and archiving for rapid retrieval
      • Integration with the structural model and analysis of structural defects in real time with the offshore inspection.
      • Seamless interface with Enautix structural repair capability.
      • Provision of inspection engineers and data recorders
      • Diver/ROV pilot training.
      • Design of an appropriate repair solutions using our suite of repair clamp and brace designs which allow a rapid response to repair requests.
      • Inspection tailored specifically to platform strengthening for additional topside weight.
      • Inspection tailored specifically for decommissioning.
    • Habitat and Cofferdam designs, and assistance with anode retrofit programs, is also available.
  • Sea life being cleaned from a subsea node, along with solid models of a jacket and a node
mussels on jacket node