Enautix is a team of engineers and designers providing solutions for the offshore industry

  • From a concept for a new design, we can take it to the installation phase, or start with a 25 year old structure in need of a life extension and provide the detailed reassessment information needed to answer the tough questions.
  • Experienced with the complete lifecycle of the offshore structure, including transportation, structural analysis and inplace conditions.
  • Specialists in rigid body analysis and finite element analysis using ANSYS™, SACS™, and MOSES.
Offshore Engineering Services

Design and analysis for fixed and floating structures

Offshore Construction Services

Loadout, seafastenings,  etc.

Transportation Services

Load securement, both highway and marine

Offshore Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Comprehensive reporting on the structural integrity of offshore structures

Headquartered in the West Houston Energy Corridor, we offer both domestic and world wide service.
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